Reclaimed wood raised garden


{………I’m back after so long!  I can’t believe how long it’s actually been since I’ve posted anything! It’s crazy, but I’m determined to get back into the swing of things.  I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything fun or creative, I just haven’t made the time to sit and share anything on […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Positive thoughts…


I try my very best to be a positive and happy person each and every day. I would most certainly define myself as a “glass-half-full” type of person. I truly believe what “they” say….“one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day” don’t you ?? Well, this winter has been very cold […]

Lingerie dresser makeover


I have always wanted a lingerie dresser for my “intimates” and I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this beautiful, solid wood beauty on Craigslist for $80. Of course my husband asked me if I bartered with the seller, something I would typically do, but when I saw this piece in person I just couldn’t. […]

My updated Etsy shop…


My New Years resolution is to get organized. Yes, I’ve said it before I’m sure but this year I really mean it…and have actually DONE IT ! I did a BIG remodel of my MBR closet and will post that soon. I swear to you that doing my closet has (and this may sound dramatic….) […]

A new year & a very special birthday


Hello everyone !! I have been SO missing in action these past few months. To be truthful, the thought of blogging has almost made it hard to imagine sitting down and writing something for my blog. Yes, I’ve had plenty to talk about, but I’ve been busy with my family, children, my thoughts and of […]

Headless lady costume


My eight-year-old has chosen cute and sweet (literally) costumes for Halloween the past couple of years.  ( Halloween 2011) ( Halloween 2012) But this year Myah wanted scary.  And although she didn’t have anything specific in mind, Myah knew she wanted to scare people ( like mother, like daughter ). I surfed the web for […]

Fall fabric pumpkins…


I’m finally getting around to making some fabric pumpkins for our home. They are quick and very easy to make, plus they require only a minimal amount of fabric. If you are anything like me and have a TON of scrap fabric pieces laying around, it’s just perfect for these pumpkins. Aren’t they cute and […]

Lighted marquee letter


I love incorporating typography, letters and numbers in home decor such as this…. { photo ~ Pottery Barn } and… { photo ~ Ballard Designs } and…. { photo my blog post here } and… { driftwood E A T letters I made for our kitchen } I also really LOVE the oversized lighted marquee letters […]

DIY m&m costume


You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted much on my blog the past few months ?!? We had a wonderful summer and I wanted to focus on my kids and enjoying each and everyday with them, so I decided to do just that. I did miss writing and sharing, but knew […]