Adorable ruffle Christmas Trees…

I thought I would share an adorable Christmas decorating idea that I found recently while visiting Shanty 2 Chic.  This fun project is for making adorable ruffle Christmas trees!  These trees are so cute, unique, easy to make, inexpensive and the best part is you can modify them according to your taste and decor.  
You will find step by step instructions here.  I thought it would be easier to share the link with you rather than take step-by-step pictures myself because I’m being lazy  I wanted to share this great blog with you!   They share some really fun, cleaver DIY projects!
First I started with these.  Three wooden candle holders that I bought at Savers (yup, Savers…again!). 
When I bought these candle holders, I knew they would be painted.  I decided to spray paint them an antique white satin, then I glazed them with a mix of gold and bronze paint to give them that antique-aged look.  (Glazing to me = brushing on the paint, gently wiping it off in spots with a paper towel and repeating if necessary).
Instead of using ribbon for my tree like the linked instructions, I used strips of ripped fabric that I pre-ruffled using my ruffler foot.

I also purchased 3 styrofoam cones in different sizes, 2 at the Dollar store and 1 at Joann.  You can get these cones anywhere they sell craft supplies but remember your coupon!

So with my ruffles in hand I started from the bottom of my cone(s).  I hot glued my ruffles around and around the cone until I reached the top.  I used straight pins to attach the jingle bells and the fabric bows and then removed all of the annoying “glue webs” the hot glue leaves behind….ugh!  I Can’t complain though, I can’t imagine trying to make these using school glue!

A little FYI:   My ruffler foot works amazingly well so I can only speak for myself but, if you enjoy sewing and ruffles (I mean who doesn’t??) I highly recommend getting a ruffler foot.  For years I had been doing a long stitch and then gathering the fabric.  Yeah, it’s easy enough with a SHORT piece of fabric, but trust me…eventually the thread WILL break when you have all but a few inches left to gather and you’ll have to start all over again.  Ruffling this way WILL eventually give you grey hair AND you will never want to make a {bleeping} ruffle again…just sayin’ !  SO…In my opinion, a ruffler foot is the way to go.  (This was not sponsored by the National Ruffler Foot Association :).

So here are my finished ruffle trees….
I love how they all look together and I just love things in 3’s!  These are the same candle holders and I glued them to the bottom of the styrofoam cones….easy!
I may add a finials to my trees but I kinda like them just as they are.  Trust me when I say, these are super easy to make and I bet you could think of so many other things to use with things you have laying around your home.  I recently saw some trees in Better Homes & Gardens using felt circles…they were SO cute!!
Red ruffled tree with scattered gold jingle bells and green bow
White ruffled tree with jingle bell top and red & white gingham bow
Plaid ruffle tree with jingle bells and white bow
Thanks for looking and if you are moved to get your craft on and make a Christmas tree(s) I would love to see your finished product!!  


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