Make a moss letter { initial } ~ real easy & cheap!

If you like home decor magazines, websites or DIY blogs, I bet you have seen these moss letters all over the place!  Ballard Designs had them, Pottery Barn did too (not sure if they still do!).   I just love them and have wanted one for years.  They are pricey ~ like $80 and up so I could never justify buying one for our home.   I had forgotten about them until recently when I came across this picture…

{Pottery Barn}

I decided I would try and make my own mossy letter.  And I did!  Cheap-o ~ like for next to nothin’!

And here is how I did it.

First I found a large box, I thought cardboard would be the perfect structure for this project.   Next, I took a large “M” we have hanging upstairs and traced it onto my piece of cardboard.  While tracing my M I did trace a little bit larger and then I cut it out.

I decided to spray paint my M because I didn’t want the cardboard color showing through the moss.  I figured this way, I wouldn’t have to use quite as much moss, which was good because I used just about my entire bag!

I opened my bag of moss (that incidentally, I got at Savers for only $1 !) and started unraveling it to see what I had to work with.  Be forewarned, working with moss is VERY MESS-EEEE!!  I suggest putting newspaper down prior to starting this project, that’s what I did and it made cleanup a cinch!

Working with my moss I started piecing it together on my cut out M to make sure I could cover the entire thing.

Then, using my hot glue gun I applied glue, then the moss and repeated until the entire letter was covered.

After I covered my entire M I trimmed any messy ends, hot glued a organza ribbon on the back and hung it just under our mantel in our living room.

 I just love the earthy-natural element of using moss in home decor ~~ I especially love the letter “M”.

Pretty quick and easy project huh?!? You can’t beat the price either!

Oh…see that lil’ metal basket next to my stove??  I found this at an antique store while looking for an old clam basket.  I thought this looked a bit like a clam basket, it’s really 1 of 2 identical pieces.  Can you guess what it was used for?!?  The colored glass balls came from an estate sale ~ they reminded me of croquet balls, which is what I was looking for!  Hey, sometimes you just have to improvise.


  1. Love the letter but I especially love the wire basket with the little tag on it. O my! So lovely. Great job as always xoxo

    • Oh thanks Deedles! You’re so sweet! I just couldn’t cut that tag off! Guess we must be suckers for little things like that! Hope you like your little wire basket! It was so nice spending time with you today! Love you!

  2. Liz Spiegel says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I’m attempting this moss letter tonight I’ll let you know how it goes. As alwasys thanks for the great inspirational ideas!! :) Liz

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