Lazy Sunday’s, beach combing & treasures

On a typical Sunday morning, we get up out of bed, shower, dress and head off to church.

Yesterday however, we slept in.

Yup, all of us, and we didn’t get out of bed until 9:15!

{for the record, this was NOT on purpose}

The weather was mild, sunny and unseasonably nice for a mid-November day.

We decided to take advantage of this nice day and go beach exploring.

We live close to many beaches here on the South Shore, and today we decided to head over to Duxbury Beach.

We had a mission other than just walking the beach.

We were looking for seashells, driftwood and anything else that we could use to make Christmas gifts, as well as items to decorate our home.

Our boy wasn’t with us, which made me sad because I know he would have loved it.

Next time Mikey.

Our girls just LOVE combing the beach for treasures.

Our 8-year old was especially excited and she kept telling me what she was going to do with this thing or that.

She is a little DIY-er for sure!

{Not sure why I wore that big ole’ parka when they aren’t even in coats ?!? }

My husband found an old wooden oar buried deep beneath some seaweed and Myah found an old buoy.

We also got lots of driftwood pieces, mussel shells, oyster shells, razor shells and a few rocks.

When we couldn’t possibly carry anything else, we headed back and loaded up the back of our SUV, then took a walk in the woods along the beach.

The lighting was so beautiful so we decided to take some pics.

Our camera shy girls {LOL}…

 Daddy with his little girls

Mama and Daddy

Silly girls

We headed down the road a bit to do a little exploring there.

Michael is infamous for NOT following the “No Trespassing”  or “Private Way” signs.

I always get so stressed out, he laughs.

But seriously, this clearly reads “Danger” ?!?!?

But we were careful.  Look at that drop off!

Yikes !!

Beautiful views, beautiful day!

Perfect in every way.

We even met my parents for lunch a few miles away which was the icing on this perfect day.

When we got home and unloaded our treasures, we got right to work.

The girls made these pretty seashell flowers ALL BY THEMSELVES!

And Myah made this one….

She wants to give this one to her teacher :)

I made this Christmas tree using razor clams.

We had this little starfish already, I thought it was perfect for the top of the “tree”

And I made this driftwood hanging tree from various pieces of driftwood, a wire coat hanger, jute twine, and shells

I had this starfish…

Driftwood perfectly aged by the sun, sand and sea.

I drilled a small hole in an oyster shell and hung it from a piece of jute twine

My husband even had the DIY itch and hand-painted the old wooden oar he found AND hung it on our fence

As we were exploring the beach, then crafting back home, the girls and I spoke about how amazing it is to be able to find these unique treasures that God has made and the sea has given to us.

Treasures that we can create beautiful gifts with.

All for free, but priceless just the same.

So yes, we missed mass today.

But we praised God in our own, unique way.


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  1. what a beautiful post! looks like a fun day and i love everything that you and the girls made!!
    stopping by from completely coastal.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I just discovered ur blog and I LOVE IT. I don’t have the talent y’all have but I love getting ideas especially when it involves anything from the beach. I’m originally from So. Florida now living in Savannah, GA, so ur little trip to the beach brought back so many great memories with my kids hitting the beach looking for shells and things to make into ornaments for our Christmas tree.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment! I know, isn’t it so wonderful that our kids love the beach so much! There is never a bad day at the beach, especially when they are finding treasures! Merry Christmas!

  3. J’ai “embarqué” dans son univers.
    Une très belle découverte. Merci

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