Pottery Barn inspired window

I just fell in love with the way Pottery Barn decorated this big window in their newest Holiday catalog.

The wreath, the burlap ribbon, the greenery ~ all of it!

Pottery Barn does such an amazing job decorating and I love getting inspiration from their catalogs and website.

{ source Pottery Barn }

I wanted to try this on our picture window in our living room, since I am itching to decorate after putting all of our Halloween decor away.

I am a very impatient girl when I want to do something, so I didn’t want to order the burlap ribbon on-line, cuz then I would have to wait and that’s just no fun!

I decided to do my own knock-off version ~ not exactly the same as PB, but it’s close and I think has pretty much the same feel.

Well, at least I think so.

So I already had an Autumn wreath hanging above our picture window.  The wreath was hung high, above the window on the wall.

I really like how PB hung their wreath just above the window, with the bottom part of the wreath hanging in front of the window.

I didn’t take a before picture of where my wreath was, but this picture taken a while back will give you an idea of the placement.

I took my wreath down, spackled the existing screw hole, then hung my wreath from the center of my curtain rod.

I only had about a 1/2 yard of the brown burlap, so I decided to cut strips and sew them together.  I cut about 6 strips total, then draped my burlap “ribbon” from one side of the curtain rod to the other.

To add a little color (PB’s burlap ribbon has red stripes, not sure if you can see that in the picture and I really love the red), I made a bow out of some red ticking fabric I had and hung it just above the wreath.

I am very pleased at the outcome and really like having the wreath hang lower.

This decor will work for the rest of the Fall season, then I can change it up a bit for winter and Christmas ~ with a Christmas wreath, greenery, sparkle, etc.

A small change, big improvement.

What do you think?


  1. Michelle, I have shared your blog with some of my friends and they have been telling tons of their friends. We’ve been so inspired that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we are having a crafting party! Featuring stitch a wish crafts :) Keeping posting.

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