Christmas ~ the day after….

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas day.

So much fun, love, laughter, family, friends, gifts, and of course a never ending supply of FOOD!

And sweets!

My belly has been so full for what seems like days, seriously.

Such a beautiful time of year, but if I’m being honest, I’m really glad to be done with all of the craziness, shopping, dealing with crowds of people, running around, etc.

As much as I plan or make lists, I just can’t help but feel overwhelmed at times during the season.

Especially when it comes to choosing gifts for my husband and son ~ guys are just hard to shop for!

Don’t you agree?!?

Oh, and the never-ending wrapping!

But it all got finished and by Christmas Eve, I was ready to relax and enjoy.


Our day started out perfectly.

Our kiddos didn’t wake us up until 7:45 and Michael and I were ecstatic, since we were up a bit late with last minute things to do.

The kids are NOT allowed downstairs until we’ve “checked out the sitch”  {a.k.a. get our first morning cup of coffee}.

They were patient and lined up by age, which is our traditional routine.

youngest ~ middle ~ oldest.

My parents spent the night, something that has also become a tradition these past few years.

Elle read the note that Santa left, while everyone else looked on.

Then on to the stockings….

The kids were wonderful, slowing opening, enjoying AND appreciating each and every item and gift, which always makes us so proud.

Mammy and Papa sat back and watched the kids, loving every minute!

{ well, maybe not the loud moments ! LOL }

They were also the best wrapping paper picker-uperers, and organizers ever!

Such good sports!  Look at their little furry one in her red Santa suit, cute huh ?!?

What started out so nice and organized….

Soon became a “controlled chaos”.

For the most part, they took turns opening gifts…

The were so very grateful for all of their presents and enjoyed playing with them until our company came later on that afternoon.

It was a wonderful day, and even snowed a bit which looks so pretty while it lasted.

Hope you all had a wonderful, joy-filled and blessed Christmas with family and friends.


Here are some random Christmas decor pics I’ve taken over the past week or so.

Just haven’t made the time to post them.



  1. Looks like everyone had fun. My daughter Melissa gave me a new grandbaby for Christmas. Samuel Edward ( Sammy ) born on Christmas 7lbs 7oz and 22in long.

    • Awwww, how sweet Kate! Funny, Michael and I were going to name our littlest Samuel if “she” was a boy ~ turns out she wasn’t. Congratulations!!! Many blessings to you and your family.

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