Oh Christmas Tree….

We got our Christmas tree this past weekend and I am just loving the pine scent throughout the house!

We went to Bog Hollow to start, which is a local farm here in Kingston.

Bog Hollow is a cranberry farm, hence the name “Bog” (sorry, I know I’m stating the obvious).

Bog Hollow is also a family farm that has been in business for over 85 years, imagine that!!

They have lots of fun fall activities like hay rides, pumpkin patches and field trip events.

I didn’t realize they had Christmas trees until recently when I saw the sign that read “Christmas trees December 3rd & 4th”, and I’ve lived in Kingston for over 10 years, imagine that!!

The kids and I have been to Bog Hollow many times over the years with preschool, scouts and friends and it’s always a good time.

It was my husband Michael’s very first time there, which I just couldn’t believe!

We took a hay ride up to the field to see the trees.

The farm offered fresh cut and cut your own trees.

We really wanted to cut-our-own, but then decided we would save a tree and just pick a fresh cut one.

The girls liked that idea.

Plus, it’s a good way to help save some “ox-chicken” (oxygen per Myah’s comment).

Since it was later in the day on Sunday and the sale started Saturday, the fresh cut ones were pretty scarce.

But we had fun ~ silly girl….

And we left ALL of our body parts inside the wagon :)

We wanted a tall an thin tree to nestled in the corner of our living room,  but most of the trees they had left were on the shorter and fuller side.

{ I always try and remember how much smaller the tree looks in the woods or field, do you feel that way too??? }

We almost settled on this one, however we would have had to trim a LOT off of the bottom.

Then we got a call from our son and had to leave rather quickly to pick him up from an event in the next town over.

So we decided to wait and come back later to pay and pick up our tree after getting our son.

We were on a mission to get a tree THAT day.

Lucky for us we did wait, because on our way over to Halifax, we drove by a tree stand chock full of tall and thin already cut trees.

Exactly what we were looking for!

So we picked Mikey up and together, all 5 of us chose our family Christmas tree.


And it fits perfectly in our living room.

We all had a hand in decorating it too, which was perfect.

Well, all but Max who was tuckered out with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head.

Merry Christmas!

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