31 days of positive change…

31 days of anything is a challenge right ???

{ well other than personal hygiene…I hope ?!?! }

Consistency, positivity, and discipline.

Anyway, I’ve decided to join the Nester and many others to take on the 31 day challenge.

What is that, you may ask ???

Check it out here.

I’ve decided to write about 31 days of positive change.

‘Specially since we’ve got lots of change coming our way.

And I’m hoping it’s all good.

Positive changes for my husband and I, our children and our family.

Things that I’ve prayed about.

laughed about.

worried about.

cried about.

I’ve decided to make my 31 days about positive change.

Cuz we could all use some positive change in our lives….right ?!?!



So that’s that.

Are you in ??

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