Reclaimed wood…

I am just LOVING all of the wood my sweet Dad had bundled up and delivered to me months ago to use as I wish.

As much as I SO appreciated how thoughtful my Dad was (and always is), I unfortunately hadn’t done anything with this wood.

Well, that was until yesterday.

After I dropped my little ladies off at camp, and my son was off with a friend for the day, I decided to dive into that wood pile and get busy.

I set up the chop saw, got my safety goggles out and got to work.

It was a lovely day, and I was just loving working outdoors.

 I was busy cutting and sanding wood in my zone, all the while listening to iHeart radio (which I love BTW!).

In total, I constructed 3 signs.  Two larger ones at 22″ x 35″ and one smaller one at 17″ x 25″.

I was pretty pleased with all that I got accomplished in the time my kiddos were gone, and that evening I even started some of the painting.

The wood is just GORGEOUS, which I didn’t really realize until I sanded it.

It’s cedar so it has a pretty grain, color and it’s naturally aged…just beautiful.

So one of the signs is done.  One is just about done, and the last littler one is just a twinkle in my eye.


So here is what I did with one of the larger signs and I like it so much I may have to keep it.

(my goal is to sell them).



I’ll keep you posted when I finish the others, but until then I would love to hear what you think ?!?

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer !




  1. Cindy Norman says:

    I LOVE IT!  I just found your blog site last night somehow through ‘Dear Lillie’.  I love what all you’ve done.  I live in Alabama and my favorite place is on the water, any water.  we’re only 4 hours from the Gulf Coast and I and my family have spent all our spare time there so of  course the pictures drew me in.  The sign looks great, very professional, and ‘one of a kind’.  I can’t wait to see more.  Thanks, Cindy

    • Thank you Cindy and I apologize for the delay, we’ve been having fun this summer and I’ve been “off line” and off my blog for sometime now. I’m back and hope to post some more fun things. Thanks so much for your sweet words. Michelle

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